Information Technology

The Information Technology department is responsible for overseeing the township's computer, website, cable government access channel, telecommunications, and other information systems and technology-related operations.

Duties & Responsibilities
The department's duties and responsibilities are as follows:
  • To develop and maintain the township's computerized hardware and software, and telecommunications systems
  • To serve as administrator of township computer networks
  • To develop and maintain the township website and cable government access channels
  • To maintain the integrity data flowing through township information systems
  • To train township employees and members of boards and commissions in the operation of computer systems
  • To develop in consultation with various stakeholders a long-range information technology plan for the township organization and the community as a whole
  • To provide an annual report to the Board of Commissioners on the department's accomplishments and on the evolving technological needs and capabilities of the township and its residents
Additional Details
  • Radnor Township is the only municipality in the tri-county area that has their own separate Government Access Channel which broadcasts all public meetings held in the Radnorshire room.
  • The Governmental Access Channel is called Radnor TV or RTV.
  • RTV may be found on Comcast channel 5 or Verizon channel 30.
  • RTV broadcasts over 760 hours of programming and 8,000 hours of community bulletin board each year.
  • RTV maintains a community bulletin board which lists current happenings in Radnor Township.
  • RTV provides mentoring opportunities for local students to advance their audio / visual knowledge and skills.
  • IT Department services, maintains, and provides hardware and software support for over 110 computers in the Administrative and Public Works buildings and Police vehicles.
  • The IT Department maintains secured databases for the Police, Finance, Community Development, Engineering, and Administration departments.
  • The IT Department maintains an in-house email system.
  • The IT Department maintains all computer-controlled functions of the new township Municipal Building, including the: 
    • HVAC system
    • Lighting system
    • Generator and uninterruptible energy source systems

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