Welcome to the Finance Department home page for the Township of Radnor, PA. The mission of the Finance Department is to professionally, ethically, and effectively manage the township's financial resources by identifying, developing, advancing, and implementing fiscal, human resource, and administrative strategies, policies, and practices for the public's benefit. The Finance Department is also responsible for providing:

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    Radnor Township Notifications

    We encourage all residents to please sign up to ensure that you receive proper notifications for Emergency Alerts, General Notifications & Weather Alerts through email, phone calls & texts
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    2018 Township Real Estate Tax Pre-Payments Notice

    If you prepaid your Township taxes, be aware that the tax bill will still reflect the full amount, without any prepayment applied
    Please read for more information
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    Now Accepting Pre-Payment of 2018 Real Estate Taxes

    The Finance Department will be accepting prepayments of 2018 real estate taxes pursuant to the program requirements
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