Township Notifications

There are several ways to receive Township Notifications with explanations found below.

We encourage all residents to sign up for Notify Me items that interest you but more importantly to please sign up for the CivicReady notifications to ensure that you receive proper emergency voice notifications. 

If you have any questions or comments please contact us

Notify Me

Notify Me is through the Township website and includes detailed lists that you may subscribe for.  Items may be added to these lists from time to time, so please check back now and then to make sure you are receiving notifications that interest you.  These notifications are by email and/or text only.

Please click here for the Notify Me page

This notification website is separate from the Township website but they are still connected together.  Please visit our notification website at where you may sign up for Emergency Alerts, General Notifications, Weather Alerts and Other Notifications. 

Radnor Township Notifications include but are not limited to: 

Emergency Alerts:

 Evacuation Notices, Flooding Alerts, and Missing Child Reports. 

General Notifications:


Trash Scheduling Changes, Township Events and Crime Alerts. 

Weather Alerts:


Blizzard, Earthquake, Flood, Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Warnings. 

Other Notifications: 

The Center for Disease Control, the Department of State and the World Health Organization.

A subscriber who has provided us with a voice number will be contacted via a pre-recorded voice message, a subscriber who has provided us with an email address will be contacted via an email message and a subscriber who has provided us with an SMS number will be contacted via text message. All messages will be about the nature of the event as well as proper response strategies that the public should undertake.

Residents are urged to subscribe all of their phone numbers (home and cell) to ensure that they receive proper emergency voice notifications. 

Weather alerts are provided by the National Weather Service. Alerts automatically inform citizens in the path of severe weather moments after a warning has been issued by the National Weather Service. Please note that if the National Weather Service issues a severe thunderstorm warning for your area at 3:00am and you checked the severe thunderstorm notification check box you will receive a call around that time. Other alerts are also provided by outside parties and are held to the same example as the weather alerts. Options are available to choose when you wish to receive these alerts.

Weekly eNewsletter

Radnor Township sends out a weekly eNewsletter.  Please sign up here.