Radnor Community Youth Aid Panel Program

As the result of contact with Radnor police officers and/or a police investigation, the Police Department may be considering filing a Citation with the District Court for a juvenile who committed a summary offense. The filing of a Citation with the District Court results in you being charged with a summary offense as outlined by the Pennsylvania Crimes Code and upon conviction, you could be required to pay a fine and court costs. Convictions for certain summary offenses such as Underage Drinking will also result in a suspension of your operator’s privilege.

The Juvenile Court System recognizes that these possible outcomes of court appearances could have long term ramifications to the youth and create substantial financial hardships on the family. In an attempt to expand the ability of the court system to handle all juvenile offenders in an appropriate manner, the Juvenile Court System offers a Community Youth Aid Panel Program. 

This program is primarily designed to divert first time offenders of less serious offenses from the formal court system. Radnor Township Police view this as a valuable option that also allows us to interact with our citizens in a positive way.

The Radnor Township Police Department reviews each case and determines if juveniles are eligible to apply to the Radnor Township Youth Aid Panel for resolution. This panel has been trained to render an individual and personalized resolution to this offense. The panel does not determine guilt or innocence, rather it attempts to fashion a disposition which will help the youth avoid similar actions in the future and ultimately, any further contact with law enforcement officials and the court system.

Specific requirements and agreement are outlined on the Youth Aid Panel Agreement Form which will be provided to parents if a juvenile is determined to be eligible. Upon successful completion of the panel’s resolution, this department will consider the matter closed and not file the Citation with the District Court or Petition with the Juvenile Court. Hence, eliminating court appearances and possible fines and court costs as well as a possible juvenile arrest and delinquency record.

There is no obligation to apply for appearance before the Radnor Township Youth Aid Panel and anyone may, at any time, opt out of the process and exercise their constitutional rights and those rights afforded you by the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure before the appropriate court.

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