2020 Comprehensive Budget

2020 Board Approved Budget

The 2020 budget includes appropriations for all Township funds for 2020 as well as an updated unfunded capital project list.  The Board has committed to working with CARFAC to develop a funding strategy for capital in 2020.  The budget includes a millage increase of 0.2500 mills needed to continue funding Township operations and continue to add funding to the Radnor Fire Company (+$250,000).  The Board introduced this version of the budget at their November 25 meeting, then held a final public hearing before adopting the budget at their December 9 meeting.

The process used to develop the 2020 Board Adopted Comprehensive Budget included a comprehensive look at all the financial areas of the Township’s operations, levels of service, capital needs, and resource availability. The Board of Commissioners held various public hearings in October, November and December to hear from members of the public, community organizations, and Township Staff before voting on the final budget Ordinance.

2020 Board Approved Budget v2 – December 9, 2019 Cover

  2020 Comprehensive Budget Documents