Radnor Gateway Enhancement Strategy

Intention of the Strategy
The Radnor Township Board of Commissioners established the Radnor Gateway Enhancement Strategy in 1988. The intention of the strategy is to reduce the stark impact of the Blue Route and, in general, improve the visual image of the community. This program represents a crowning achievement in local public-private cooperation, through which a number of ongoing artistic landmarks and landscaping accomplishments can be found adjacent to the St. Davids interchange of I-476 and all along the Lancaster Avenue corridor throughout the township.

Design Details
Together, the design pieces symbolize Radnor's Welsh origins:
  • A series of monolithic rock designs, including a cairn visible high upon a Blue Route hill
  • Plinths that serve as milemarkers
  • The mythological Griffin on the hillside of the St. Davids exit of the Blue Route
  • Intaglio reliefs seen on the Blue Route overpass from Lancaster and Bryn Mawr Avenues
In addition, lush tree, bush, and flower plantings at the Blue Route interchange, throughout the retail business district, and along major roadways will provide a wide vista of color and grandeur for those entering Radnor Township for many years to come.

Recognition & Awards
The township has received both local and national recognition for its enhancement strategy. Recently, Radnor was a recipient of an award given by the Main Line Chamber of Commerce, it has received a separate award in 1993 from the League of Women Voters, and it has been written up in numerous national and international architectural and public art digests noting the unique character of this program.

Some funding for the strategy continues to be derived from bond proceeds and current-year tax dollars. Most funding now, however, comes from the Radnor Enhancement Community Trust - a private, nonprofit charitable corporation (with tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status) administered by the investment firm Legg Mason. Revenues from the trust, aside from investment income (all assets are invested in either short-term treasuries or money market instruments), come from contributions from individuals, corporations, and other businesses in Radnor Township. The trust authorizes expenditures for appropriate Gateway projects.

Trust Summary
The trust's summary for 2004 is as follows:
  • Trust Equity, January 1, 2004: $80,430
  • Income from Contributions and Grants: 0
  • Investment Earnings: 220
  • Expenditures for Gateway Projects: 44,149
  • Trust Equity, December 31, 2004: $36,501