Public Health policy remains an important priority of the Board of Commissioners and the community. To this end the Board of Health was established at the very beginning of the 1st Class Township status. The board now consists of 9 members of the community either following careers or having a strong interest in matters of public health. The board meets monthly, with the exception of July and August, and the Township Health Officer reports to them on his activities and acts as a liaison between the board and the Township Administration.

Responsibilities of the Health Officer

The Township Health Officer is responsible to oversee compliance with all local ordinances pertaining to health, environmental, and sanitation concerns and to advise both the Township Administration and residents about national and state requirements for these matters. In keeping with these responsibilities the Health Officer:

Goals of the Health Officer

The Township Board of Health continued efforts to enlist the support of all township merchants to control underage smoking; store owners' pledges to not sell tobacco products to minors are reflected in a decal posted at store entrances. It also coordinated efforts with the county on things such as the West Nile Virus. The Health Officer works with the Township Animal Control Officer regarding regulations pertaining to quarantining un-vaccinated animals and other animal related issues.

Smoke Free Dining

Providing 100% smoke-free dining in every food establishment in Radnor Township is a goal of the Health Officer. To that end the "Voluntary Smoke-Free Dining Club" was established. The only requirement is for the food establishment(s) to provide a totally smoke-free facility. A certificate of recognition approved by the Radnor Township Board of Commissioners to be proudly displayed in the facility will be awarded to those establishment(s) that have taken the pledge, committing to provide a smoke-free facility. Currently, 92 % of the food facility's in Radnor Township do not permit smoking in their establishments, although not all have officially taken the pledge.

Forms and Applications

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