Open Space Acquisition

Acquisition of land for these uses was begun several decades ago, and the township is evaluating the results of a comprehensive open space study concluded recently. In addition, the 1st phase of a 17.6 mile Township-wide pedestrian and bike trail has been implemented for residents' leisure and fitness, and to promote alternative, environmentally sound intermodal forms of transportation. Federal and state funding for this project has been sought. Completion of this trail is slated for fall 2003.

In 1995, 3.4 acres of private land off Matsonford Road, north of Radnor train station, was donated to the Township by The Sun company and The Rubenstein Company (former and current owners, respectively, of the Radnor Corporate Center). This parcel will connect directly to a portion of more than 10 acres donated to the Township by Sun in 1993.

The Forbes Tract
In July, 1995, Radnor Township became the proud owner of 13.2 acres of land at 854 Maplewood Avenue known as the "Forbes Tract". This land, purchased with the proceeds of bonds authorized by Radnor electors in November 1994, have become home to 2 multipurpose playing fields.

The Levin Tract
The Board of Commissioners' condemnation of 6.9 acres of land along Conestoga Road at South Devon Avenue, known as the "Levin Tract", was approved by the Delaware county Court of Common Pleas in 1997. That land is expected to be used for passive recreation and as the site of stormwater management improvements to the South Devon area. An additional 48 acres of private land have been permanently preserved as open space as a result of the DeMoss and Brooke Farm subdivisions approved by the Board of Commissioners in 1995-1996.

The Huggler Tract
In 1999, the Township purchased 1.8 acres of land along Lancaster Avenue in Wayne, known as the Huggler Tract. This area, the former site of a veterinarian's home and office, has been converted to a community park complete with a fountain, meadow amphitheater, benches, game tables, and walking path. A large portion of the cost of building this park was funded by private contributions.

New Tracts of Land
Since 2000, the Township has continued to acquire land for parks and open space. The following tracts of land have been added to the Township's land bank in the new millennium:
  • The Township has purchased about 5,000 square feet of property located on Petrie Avenue in the Rosemont section of town. This lot has been converted into a pocket park for nearby residents.
  • There were 2.2 acres of land acquired at 620 East Lancaster Avenue to prevent the development of several homes adjacent to the Route 30 interchange of the Blue Route. The land will be used as a connecting route to the future P&W multi-use trail.
  • 10 acres of pristine land, located just northeast of the Route 30 interchange of the Blue Route-known as the "Chew Tract"-have been acquired from Villanova University.
  • 6 acres of land adjacent to the Chew Tract been condemned and purchased by the Township.
  • 1 acre of land at the intersection of Conestoga and Sproul Roads (Route 320) has been acquired to prevent future development at this clogged intersection.
  • A 24,650 square-foot lot, including a single-family dwelling, located on Garrett Avenue in Rosemont has been purchased to prevent the development of several townhouses. That dwelling has been demolished and the land will be converted to complement the adjacent Emlen Tunnell Field.
  • The 3.5 acre D'Antonio tract adjacent to the new Radnor Multipurpose Trail and the former Levin property was purchased in 2002.
  • Six acres of land on Conestoga Road, the Goff Estate, was acquired in 2004 to prevent further development.
  • A 75,00 square-foot lot, inlcuding a single-family dwelling adjacent to the Multipurpose Trail was acquired in 2005.
  • 227 Brook Street was acquired in 2006 and will be returned to its natural park-like state.
Township officials and staff also are continuing discussions with several other land owners throughout Radnor about possible conservation easements or negotiated sales, and other permissible methods of land transfer.