The mission of the Engineering Department is to furnish professional expertise to various Township Boards, Commissions, Township Manager, and other departments as necessary in order for those Boards and Departments to fulfill their charge under the Township's Home Rule Charter. Some examples of our advice concern engineering, stormwater management, stormwater runoff, sanitary sewers, flood plain management, and subdivision, and land development issues within Radnor Township. The Engineering Department is the liaison to the Planning Commission, Shade Tree Commission and the Environmental Advisory Council.

Waiver of Time Periods Under 508 of MPC

View and Download the Waiver at this link.

UPDATE MARCH 30, 2020 - COVID -19 Protocols, As of March 27, 2020

Department of Environmental Protection Guidance for NPDES Construction Permittees

 During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

 Governor Wolf’s March 19, 2020, Order, available at “Governor’s Order”)

 Permittees may continue to conduct permitted earth disturbance activities to the extent that those earth disturbance activities are in support of the operation of the life sustaining business. If earth disturbance activities are conducted, the permittee must remain in compliance with all terms and conditions of any applicable permit.
 For Non-Life Sustaining Businesses: Permittees and operators who are not considered “life sustaining businesses” as set forth in the Governor’s Order must, pursuant to the Governor’s Order, cease earth disturbance activities. Per 25 Pa. Code § 102.22 and the terms and conditions of their permit, including any approved plans, permittees ceasing earth disturbance activities must immediately implement temporary or permanent stabilization practices in accordance with approved permit plans and conditions and the stabilization standards outlined in the Erosion and Sediment Control Program Manual. In recognition of the Governor’s directive to implement social distancing, permittees may, upon temporary or permanent stabilization, cease performing weekly Routine Inspections as otherwise required by their permit. Permittees must continue to conduct other inspections required by their permit, including Post-Storm Event Inspections and Corrective Action Inspections as set forth in their permit. Required site inspections of permitted activities by permittees are considered critical operational functions and will not be considered to be out of compliance with the Governor’s Order. Permittees and operators are reminded to limit on-site personnel, and in all cases follow social distancing and COVID-19 mitigation guidance provided by the PA Department of Health and CDC. The cessation of Routine Inspections as set forth herein is not a limitation of, or defense to, liability for injury to private property or invasion of personal rights. Permittees must continue to comply with all other permit terms and conditions, including, but not limited to, the requirement to take immediate action to restore, repair, or replace the BMP or to provide an alternative method of treatment upon reduction, loss, or failure of any BMP.

March 27, 2020

The Corona Virus Pandemic has placed us all in an unprecedented situation.  Radnor Township is keeping essential services operating, while trying to keep services, within the bounds of CDC recommendations and the Governor’s orders, moving forward. The Engineering Department will continue to process permit applications and will release them once appropriate per the Governor’s directive.  This action will allow permits in the queue to be issued quickly once the restrictions are lifted and reduce a backlog of permits. Land Development Applications are now being accepted. All applications are to be submitted electronically, along with the signed waiver.

Governor Wolf ordered the closure of Non-Life Sustaining Businesses.  A snapshot of the list regarding real estate and construction is shown below:

Engineering pic 1

Engineering pic 2

In compliance with Governor Wolf’s order of the closure of Non-Life Sustaining Businesses, the current operational guidelines are as follows:

    • Land development applications will be accepted.
    • Permitting: grading permit applications, sidewalk permits and highway permits will be accepted and processed, but not issued until the Governor’s restriction on non-life sustaining businesses is lifted, and construction is allowed
    • Transfers of real estate can be processed electronically
    • The scheduling of and performing of all SITE inspections is also suspended, unless the site is working under a waiver issued by the State of Pennsylvania or deemed an emergency

  • Land Development Applications
    • All submissions shall be electronic
      • Email to:
        • Applicants must sign and include the MPC 508 Waiver.
        • Include your signed application with all required documentation
        • Include a picture of your check for the requisite fees
        • Include pdfs of plans, or provide a drop box link (or similar) if the files are too large
        • Mail your check and signed waiver to the Township

  • Transfers of Real Estate U&OIf real estate transactions are able to be performed in compliance with Governor Wolfe’s order:
    • The determination of who is responsible for the cost, timeline, and actual repairs, are to be determined by buyer and seller.  The following requirements are still to be met:
      • Sidewalks replacement/repairs: Any cracked or damaged sidewalk blocks, or those with a vertical differentiation of ¼” (tripping hazard)
      • Verify that there is no Sump Pump connection to the sanitary sewer
      • Street Address- House numbers must be 4” high and reflective
      • Submit, via email, to, the notarized verification of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • The Township is depending on the realtor(s), buyer, and seller to ensure these important safety issues are addressed until further notice.  There will be no fee required, and the Real Estate Transfer Certificate of Occupancy will not be issued by the Township.

  • Site Inspections for Grading Permits: The Township will resume grading permit inspections for the sites working under a waiver issued by the State of Pennsylvania or deemed an emergency as of Wednesday, March 25th, 2020, in accordance with current COVID-19 protocols:

    • Provide a copy of your waiver request and waiver from the State of Pennsylvania to
    • Emergencies- these will be addressed on a case by case basis.  Provide an email description of the work you feel falls under an emergency to
    • You will be notified once inspections have been approved. Contact your inspector as you have in the past to schedule an inspection (Doug Meder or QCI)
    • Whenever possible, after discussing with you inspector, use pictures or videos in lieu of physical site inspections

                               i.      For the safety of all parties, it would be best if the inspector is able to visit the site with no interaction with the applicant

                               ii.      If the applicant is required to be on site:

1.      The inspector will meet with only one person

2.      Social distancing requirements of six feet of separation are required

3.      If the inspector feels it is unsafe for him/her, or the applicant, to perform the inspection, the inspection will be cancelled and rescheduled.

Grading Permits. Sidewalk Permits & Road Opening Permits

1. Download the appropriate permit application at:  All documents and plans are to be submitted electronically.

2. Grading, Highway Permits and Sidewalk Permits will be accepted on the following basis:
  1. Email the completed application and a picture of your check for the appropriate amount to, Mail the hard copy and the check to Radnor Township, Engineering Department.
  2. Based on the complexity/size of the proposed project, in accordance with COVID-19 protocols, virtual meetings may be required for to processing
  3. Grading Permits/SWM Permits will require various forms and agreements to be signed.  These will be provided via email. 
  4. The permit will not be issued until restrictions have been lifted, all funds received, and requisite signatures had.

Questions regarding permitting should be sent to Trish Sherwin,

Engineering staff are working remotely, and can be emailed of left voice mail messages, that are checked regularly:

  • Trish Sherwin, Administrative Assistant – 610-688-5600, ext. 133,
  • Doug Meder, Inspector – 610-688-5600, ext. 196,
  • Dennis Capella, PM – 610-688-5600, ext. 166,
  • Steve Norcini, Township Engineer – 610-688-5600, ext. 130,

Grading Permits

Normally all applications for construction projects must apply for a grading permit. This permit is required if the footprint of any impervious surface is being expanded and/or replaced. A grading permit must be approved before a building permit application is accepted by the Community Development Department.

Impervious Surfaces

Impervious surface is any surface that prevents the infiltration of water into the ground. Impervious surfaces include, but are not limited to, streets, sidewalks, pavements, driveway areas, or roofs. Any surface designed to be gravel or crushed stone shall be regarded as impervious surfaces.

Earth moving in any instance also institutes the necessity of a grading permit.

Subdivision and Land Development (SALDO)

All requests for subdivision and land development in Radnor are processed through the Engineering Department and reviewed for compliance with the Township's zoning code and subdivision ordinance by the Community Development, Public Works, and Engineering Departm0ents.  Their findings are considered by the Planning Commission, which also evaluates projects' adherence to the comprehensive land use plan.  The Board of Commissioners then reviews the recommendations of staff and Planning Commission members before deciding to approve or reject a proposal.

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