Program Outreach to Property Owners

What We've Done

  • Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meetings - November 2012 through April 2013
  • Public Presentations at BOC Meetings in December 2012 and June, July, August, September, and October 2013
  • League of Women Voters Public Outreach Forums in August and September 2013
  • Township Newsletter Articles in Fall 2012, Winter 2012, Fall 2013
  • Township-wide Information Mailers in August and November 2013
  • Delco Times coverage in August 2013
  • Main Line Times article in September 2013
  • Initial Stormwater Bill Insert
  • Stormwater Management webpage
  • Township's YouTube Channel
On October 14, 2013, Radnor Township Board of Commissioners approved Ordinance No. 2013-15 adopting a new stormwater fee to begin to address these community issues and provide a dedicated funding mechanism. The Township sent a mailer out November 1st to all property owners, giving an estimation of their bill. An example of that can be found online (PDF).

Presentation on the Stormwater Management Program and Fees can be found online (PDF).