Subdivision & Land Development

The Subdivision Code (Chapter 255 of the Radnor Township Code) has been established to regulate and control the subdivision and development of land within Radnor Township. The purpose is to provide sites suitable for human habitation, commercial, and industrial operations and other uses for which land may be developed. This will create conditions favorable to the health, safety and welfare of the community and consistent with the goals of the Comprehensive Plan of Radnor Township.


Under the Subdivision Code, Subdivision and Land Development are defined as follows:
  • Subdivision - The division or redivision of a lot, tract or parcel of land by any means into 2 or more lots, tracts, parcels or other divisions of land, including changes in existing lot lines, for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of lease, partition by the court for distribution to heirs or devises, transfer of ownership or building or lot development; provided, however, that the subdivision by lease of land for agricultural purposes into parcels of more that 10 acres, not involving any new street or easement of access any residential dwelling, shall be exempted.
  • Subdivision, Major - The division of a lot or tract of land or part thereof into 2 or more lots or tracts for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of transfer of ownership or of building development not defined as a minor subdivision.
  • Subdivision, Minor - The division of a lot or tract of land into 5 or less lots for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of transfer of ownership or of building development of less than 3 acres, provided that the proposed lots thereby created have frontage on an improved street or streets, and provided further that there is not created by the subdivision any new street or the extension of an existing street.

Land Development

  1. The improvements of 1 lot or 2 or more contiguous lots, tracts or parcels of land for any purpose involving:
    • A group of 2 or more residential or nonresidential buildings, whether proposed initially or cumulatively, or a single non residential building on a lot or lots regardless of the number of occupants or tenure.
    • The division or allocation of land or space, whether initially or cumulatively, between or among 2 or more existing or prospective occupants by means of or for the purpose of streets, common areas, leaseholds, condominiums, building group or other features.
  2. Those activities described in Section 503(1.1) of the Municipalities Planning Code shall not be considered land developments

Sketch Plan

A sketch plan is an informal plan indicating salient existing features of a tract and its surroundings and the general layout of a proposed subdivision.


Applications for Subdivision/Land Development can be obtained:

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