Leaf Collection Guidelines

  • Residents who live on street names listed in capitals Districts Streets List must place their leaves in the gutter line of their street. Leaves should be piled so they do not impede the cart way. If some leaves must remain behind the curb (so that the cart way is not impacted) township crews will remove leaves from that location.
  • Residents who live on streets listed in regular type Districts Streets List are required to place their leaves on their property and off the street (behind the curb). The township crews will remove the leaves from that location.
  • Please remove all tree branches and tree limbs from leaf piles.
  • Because of state regulations, bagged leaves will not be collected by Radnor Township Solid Waste Collection Division during this collection.
  • All leaves to be collected must be placed according to the guidelines described above and will be picked up in bulk. There will be no exceptions!
  • Special note: Please do not park any motor vehicle on top of leaf piles. A hot engine could cause the leaves to catch fire.
  • Note to Landscapers: It is illegal to dump compacted loads of leaves on township streets. Any contractor caught dumping compacted leaves will be subject to a $300 fine for illegal dumping on township right-of-way.
During the months of January through October, leaves may be bagged in biodegradable paper bags and placed at the curb on Wednesdays (exception of holiday weeks) as part of the yard waste recycling program.  No more than 10 bags of leaves should be put out for collection per week and each bag should weigh no more than 30 lbs.