Township Real Estate Tax Millage Rates


One mill of real estate tax is equal to one dollar for each $1,000 of a property's assessed value.  The 2021 millage rate is 2.2837 mills for Township real estate taxes.

Historical Millage Rates
 Year Rate  Millage Δ  %Δ
2010 3.3411 0.3311 11.0% 
2011 3.6411  0.0300 9.0% 
2012 3.7511 0.1100 3.0% 
2013 3 .7511  0.000 0.0% 
2014   3 .7511
2015   3 .7511
2016 3.92281
2017 3.9228  0.000  0.0%
2018  3.9228  0.000  0.0%
4.1582  0.2354   6.0% 
2020  4.4082  0.2500   6.0% 
 2021 2.2837 -2.1245   -48.19%2
 1 2016 Increase includes 0.520 for Library Improvement Bonds, 0.0895 for Park Improvement Bonds, and 0.0302 for Trail Improvement Bonds
2 the millage decrease reflects a revenue neutral millage adjustment based on updated property assessment values as of 1/1/2021

Calculating Your Taxes

To figure the real estate tax owed for a given year, multiply a property's assessed value by the millage rate (expressed as mills x 0.001). For example, in 2020, the owner of a property assessed at $1,000 would owe Radnor Township $2.28 (1,000 x 0.0022837).

The average 2021 assessment and average tax bill of Radnor Township residential properties is:
  • Average Residential Property: $667,000
  • Average Real Estate Tax Bill: $20,576
  • Average Township Portion: $1,523.23

Quick Facts

  • 2021 millage rate is 2.2837mills for Radnor Township real estate taxes, more commonly expressed as $2.2837 per thousand dollars of a property's assessed value
  • 2021 millage rate for Delaware County is 2.999 mills ($2.999 per per thousand dollars of a property's assessed value) .
    Please see Delaware County's website for additional information on their tax rate
  • 2020-2021 millage rate for the Radnor Township School District is 25.5659 ($25.5659 per thousand dollars of a property's assessed value). Please see the Radnor Township School District's website for additional information on their tax rate.

Radnor Township and Your Property Taxes Video Series

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  • PLEASE PUT FOLIO NUMBER ON CHECK MEMO LINE: If multiple parcels/properties are owned by the same person & address, multiple bills are mailed and stacked into one envelope bill. Mail back in the one envelope provided with either one check, noting each folio# or include separate checks with the folio # on each memo line.
  • Township Real Estate Taxes are NO LONGER ACCEPTED AT TD BANK IN WAYNE.

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