Parking Ticket Payment Options

You have 10 Calendar days to pay the ticket, after 10 calendar days you must pay a late fee of $25.00 in addition to the original fine.

There are three ways to pay for a Parking Ticket:


  • Make a check payable to Radnor Township in the amount located on the front of the ticket. Then mail it to Radnor Township Police, 301 Iven Ave., Wayne, PA 19087
  • If you want a receipt, stop in the Radnor Township Municipal building and either go to the Police Records room located on the 1st floor or go to the Township Treasurers office. If you do not want a receipt, there is a secure ticket drop box located at the front door to the main entrance of the Township Building and another located in the lobby of the 24 hour entrance to the Police Department.
  • Pay Online.  A $2 additional service charge will be applied.
To Dispute a Parking Ticket:

  • Do not pay the ticket.
  • After ten days you will receive a notice in the mail stating that you owe a late fee. Please ignore this notice.
  • Finally you will receive a citation from District Court. This is where you will have the option of pleading not guilty. Plead not guilty, return the citation to District Court; you will be notified by the court of your hearing date. Your dispute will then be heard by the District Court Judge, at which time you will be given the opportunity to testify.  Please understand that once a parking ticket has been issued the meter attendant CANNOT take it back. If you "DO NOT" have a receipt disputes will not be considered by Radnor Township. Getting change, and/or entering the wrong space number, as well as timing issues also cannot be considered by Radnor Township. Parking disputes will not be handled at the Township Building, by mail, or over the phone.