Animal Control

An important function of the Radnor Township Police Department is animal control. Radnor's Animal Control Officer is William Gallagher. He is responsible for enforcing state and local animal control and related health and sanitation laws and regulations. These include state prohibitions on cruelty to animals and regulations concerning animal bites. Wildlife, both dangerous and diseased, are removed by Officer Gallagher and his team. He provides assistance to Pennsylvania Fish and Game Commissions and other community groups.

Officer Gallagher is also responsible for monitoring residents' compliance with Township animal control ordinances, and serves as a humane educator to Township students and residents. As part of this, he aids residents by directing their concerns to the proper agencies. Injured domestic animals are generally transported to local veterinarian offices by Officer Gallagher, and he contacts owners of injured or deceased pets. Last but not least, he monitors Township parks for poaching violations and maintains records of lost or found animals. Officer Gallagher is also involved in managing the white tail deer population throughout the Township. You may contact Officer Gallagher at 610-688-5606 extension 111 for any animal concern.
Canadian Geese
White Tail Deer