Radnor Township Deer Management

Deer Crossing Roadway
Deer Crossing Sign
Deer Property
In 2012 the Radnor Township Manager instructed the Police Department to conduct a study of deer in Radnor Township.  A multitude of control methods were studied and considered. The Radnor Police teamed up with the United States Department of Agriculture Willdlife Services and a formal report was completed February 23, 2013. The report documented that the average deer population in Radnor Township was 101 Deer per Square Mile, with up to 1,487 total deer in 2012 (before fawning). This could increase the population up to 20%. 

The recommendations of the report was to conduct a culling of deer in the township to reduce the townships deer population. This would decrease the negative impacts of deer to property throughout Radnor Township, as well as make the citizens of Radnor safer by reducing deer vehicle collisions

For more information on the Radnor Township Deer Management program contact William Gallagher or Sgt. Joseph Pinto at 610-688-0503 ext. 111 or e-mail wgallagher@radnor.org.