History of the P&W Railway

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Historical Signage

Several interpretive signs along the Radnor Trail mark the spots of former P&W train stations and tell the history of the old railroad.  These signs are part of a long-term project to create interpretive panels commemorating all of the stations that once stood along the trail spearheaded by the Radnor Historical Society and Radnor Conservancy. Most people who run, bike, and walk on the Radnor Trail don't realize that electric trolleys, part of a railroad leading to the 69th Street Terminal, once followed the same path. The concrete supports of the once elevated stations are still found along the trail and an amazingly intact substation building are all that is left of what once was the "Strafford Branch" of the Philadelphia and Western Railway. The Railway was an important part of life in Wayne and Radnor for fifty years. After the trains stopped running, it sat vacant for almost as much time. Now that the right-of-way is in active use once again, it's only appropriate that the story of the P&W be told to the Trail's new generation of travelers. The signs have been placed in important locations, including sites of former railroad stations. The first two signs were funded by a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, as well as donations from the Radnor Historical Society, the Friends of Radnor Trails, and Radnor Township. The second phase was made possible mostly by personal donations.