Fenimore Woods Improvement Project

Comprehensive park improvements are under development for Fenimore Woods as a final project plan and bid preparation are currently taking place. These improvements were authorized by the Board of Commissioners in 2015 per Ordinance 2015-18 which approved funding for several parks and trail improvement projects.  

Please see below for updated information on this project. 

This project is currently being prepared to be bid. 

Meeting 4:

April 2021: Fenimore Woods Project Fact Sheet

July 15, 2020 Shade Tree Committee Meeting - Presentation & Review of removal/replanting plan

Meeting 3:

May 20, 2019 Board of Commissioners Meeting

Concept Improvement Plan Review & Presentation (same plan as revised for the March 14 Parks Board Presentation)

Meeting 2:

March 14, 2019 Parks & Recreation Board Meeting 

Revised Concept Park Improvement Plan Presentation

Meeting 1: 

February 7, 2019 Parks & Recreation Board Meeting 

Draft Concept Park Improvement Plan Presentation

*Please note that plan revision is underway.  

This item will be on the agenda at the March 14, 2019 Parks and Recreation Board Meeting.

Fenimore Woods Neighbors Letter 2_7_19 Parks Board Meeing