Fenimore Woods Improvement Project

Comprehensive park improvements are under development for Fenimore Woods as a final project plan and bid preparation are currently taking place. These improvements were authorized by the Board of Commissioners in 2015 per Ordinance 2015-18 which approved funding for several parks and trail improvement projects.  

Please see below for updated information on this project. 

This project is currently on hold for further review. 

Please click here for a copy of the presentation from the Board of Commissioners Community Development Subcommittee Meeting on Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

Fenimore Woods Meeting

Meeting 4:

April 2021: Fenimore Woods Project Fact Sheet

July 15, 2020 Shade Tree Committee Meeting - Presentation & Review of removal/replanting plan

Meeting 3:

May 20, 2019 Board of Commissioners Meeting

Concept Improvement Plan Review & Presentation (same plan as revised for the March 14 Parks Board Presentation)

Meeting 2:

March 14, 2019 Parks & Recreation Board Meeting 

Revised Concept Park Improvement Plan Presentation

Meeting 1: 

February 7, 2019 Parks & Recreation Board Meeting 

Draft Concept Park Improvement Plan Presentation

*Please note that plan revision is underway.  

This item will be on the agenda at the March 14, 2019 Parks and Recreation Board Meeting.

Fenimore Woods Neighbors Letter 2_7_19 Parks Board Meeing