2019 Comprehensive Budget

The 2019 operating budget includes an appropriation budget for all Township funds for 2019 and an updated 2019-2024 capital improvement plan.  It  is important to note that the legal requirement of adopting appropriations is limited to the 2019 figures only. The forecast information is for informational and decision making purposes only.

The process used to develop the 2019 Board Adopted Comprehensive Budget includes a comprehensive look at all the financial areas of the Township’s operations, levels of service, capital needs, and resource availability. The Board of Commissioners hold various public hearings in October and November where they hear from members of the public, community organizations, and Township Staff before voting on the final budget Ordinance on December 10, 2018.

2019 Comprehensive Budget Documents

2019 Board Approved Budget Cover
2019 Township Manager Comprehensive Budget Presentation -- October 22, 2018