Police Chaplain Program

The Radnor Township Police Chaplain Program Serves the members of the Radnor Township Police Department and the Community members of Radnor Township by creating a partnership between the RTPD and volunteer members of local faith communities.

Faith is an integral part of our lives. The Radnor Township Police Department recognizes the influence of faith on people and communities.

The Radnor Township Police Chaplains’ Program seeks to create a partnership with the department and faith communities to: 

  • Support police officers in the difficult job that they do 
  • Bridge the relationship between the police and the community overall

The goal is to allow faith leaders to come alongside police officers to provide emotional and spiritual support both for them and for the community during times of crisis or turmoil 

The Police Chaplain’s role:

  • Provide spiritual support and encouragement to police officers, agency employees, and their families
  • Perform tasks of an emotional nature, allowing officers to concentrate on law enforcement tasks
  • Provide support both for officers and for the community during times of crisis or turmoil
  • Be available on-call to respond to situations as requested by officers

Many citizens turn to police officers for reassurance and support.  

However, for police officers and their families during times of conflict, stress or discomfort, officers often have no place of their own to “unpack” and “unload” the many charged emotions linked to police work. 

The Police Chaplain, as a support to members of the RTPD, seeks to build trusting relationships with officers through:

  • Ride-a-longs to get to know officers
  • Confidential meetings at an officer’s request Chaplains provide assistance, advice, comfort, and resources to those who seek support, regardless of religious affiliation or non-affiliation

Police Chaplains also help bridge the relationship between the police and the community. 

They are available on an on-call basis to be a visible presence to assist:

  • On scene in the event of an accident, death, domestic violence, or otherwise as officers perceive a need
  • For emotional and spiritual support to a victim or family as required
  • As a calming presence in times of conflict as requested by officers Chaplains can also assist in community outreach efforts as requested by the department


Radnor Township Police Chaplain Program RTPD Contact:

Deputy Superintendent Chris Flanagan 

Phone: 610-688-5606 x108 

Email: cflanagan@radnor.org 

Chaplain Notification:

Phone: 610-688-5600 ext. 249 

Email: radnorchaplain@radnor.org 

(All information is confidential with the Chaplain team only)