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Posted on: July 7, 2015

Safety Alert - SEPTA Safety and Awareness Tips


Radnor Police were recently informed of children playing on the Rte. 100 Trolley Line, in the Garrett Hill Section of Radnor Township. This is an incredibly dangerous action. Trains are dangerous by themselves, let alone when playing on the tracks with “High Powered Electric” running along the rails on the ground. These electric lines can be mistaken for rails and stepped upon by the unknowing and lead to immediate death. Please take the time to review this issue with your children and make the call to 911 if you see children on any train tracks or in a hazardous situation of any sorts. If you would like a railway safety presentation brought to your neighborhood please call 610-688-5600.

Respect the Train Video and Game

Watch the video above then test your Safety knowledge against our new Respect the Train interactive game.

We value your personal safety and work very hard to provide information to customers and neighbors who live near our operations as well as anyone who walks or drives a vehicle in and around the service region. Even with our on-going outreach efforts, we continue to see incidents, some with tragic outcomes, of people trespassing in the track right-of-way or ignoring safeguards at highways crossings.

We're certain you've heard the news reports about train incidents involving trespassers or vehicles. PLEASE don't EVER place yourself in that type of danger by crossing the tracks at an undesignated crosswalk or walking along the right-of-way.

Listening to music through headphones or being otherwise distracted when you're approaching a station increases the likelihood that you will not hear an approaching train. When the train sees you it will sound its horn as a warning but will NOT be able to stop in time because it can take one mile or more to stop. RESPECT THE TRAIN - STAY OFF THE TRACKS

Keep in mind a vehicle is no match against a train - the train will win every time. Don't think you can EVER beat the flashing lights or crossing gate arm at a highway grade crossing. A train moving at a steady speed will not be able to stop in time - being 5 minutes late for an appointment while you wait for it to safely pass is better than being late forever. RESPECT THE TRAIN - WAIT

We want you to make safe decisions around transit services so we offer these handy safety tips to follow. We encourage you to read and share this information with family and friends - you might just save someone's life.




ALWAYS hold onto your children's hand when waiting for transit services

Don't let your children wander - transit areas are busy places

If you're standing while you ride, HOLD ON TIGHT to the poles or seat rails

Watch your step closely and make sure you have a firm footing when getting on or off

Read posted emergency evacuation instructions so you'll know what to do in the event of an emergency.

Be ALERT for instructions from the Conductor/Operator or authorized personnel


Walking along the track right-of-way or crossing the tracks is TRESPASSING It could prove to be a fatal mistake

Approaching trains and trolleys can be very quiet, especially when there is snow on the ground or the weather is damp

Approaching trains and trolleys can seem to appear suddenly if you're listening to music with a headset or ear buds, or when you're talking on a cell phone and not paying attention to your surroundings

A moving train or trolley can't steer out of the way of an object or person, and it takes much more effort to slow or stop than a car

A train or trolley that you think is far enough away to give you time to illegally cross the tracks can reach you in seconds - it's just not worth the risk


Stay BEHIND the yellow line on the station platform until the train has come to a complete stop

Be ALERT for Express trains - don't assume every train is stopping at your station

ALWAYS be aware of the gap between the train and the station platform
Move into the car and keep the exits clear for customers getting on and off

DON'T lean against the doors

Don't STAND NEAR or DISTRACT your operator when the vehicle is moving

NEVER cross the tracks. ALWAYS use the dedicated overpass or underpass to safely cross to the other side of the station

NEVER trespass by walking along side or in the track area


Stay BEHIND the yellow line on the station platform until the train has come to a complete stop

Be alert for Express trains - don't assume every train is stopping at your station. Let the passengers exit the train before you attempt to board

ALWAYS be aware of the gap between the train and the station platform

Move into the car and keep the exits clear for customers getting on and off

Make sure your bags and clothing are clear of closing doors

DON'T lean against the doors

DON'T attempt to open the train doors. Doors are held tightly closed to keep you safe

DON'T hold doors open

NEVER attempt to board or exit a moving train - avoid the risk of serious injury - WAIT for the next train

DON'T pass between the cars when the train is moving - WAIT until you arrive and stop at a station

NEVER assume that trains don't run here anymore...they DO regardless of what you think

NEVER assume the train is going to slow down or stop because there is a rail station next to the crossing

Trains approaching a highway grade crossing are traveling at their normal speeds because they're NOT stopping

DON'T attempt to beat the train to the crossing - the train ALWAYS WINS


ALWAYS stay on the sidewalk or walkway - especially at loops and transportation centers

ALWAYS be aware of the height between the first step on the vehicle and the curb

NEVER walk out onto the bus driveway or trespass on SEPTA property to take a short cut

NEVER walk directly in front of or behind a bus or trackless trolley. Maintain a safe distance within sight of the Operator

Stay alert around street intersections - ALWAYS STOP, LOOK and LISTEN before crossing the street for other traffic

Request your stop by using the cord or signal bar inside the vehicle

If you're not familiar with the route tell the Operator which stop you need when you board and then listen for announcements

Don't STAND NEAR or DISTRACT your operator while the vehicle is moving

Download this information as a PDF brochure

Safety tips, other resources, and information about Operation Lifesaver are available on the Safety & Security page.

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