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John L. Cappelli Memorial Driving Range


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The part wooded/part open space area that currently makes up the John Cappelli Memorial Driving Range was originally part of the St. David’s Golf Club that operated on the land now occupied by the Radnor Financial Center, Radnor Hotel, St. David’s Square Shopping Center and more, bisected by Lancaster Avenue. The golf club moved in the 1920’s and the land was developed in the 1950’s and 60’s. A small part of the original golf course was purchased by the Township and remains for use as a driving range. In January of 1994, the land was dedicated in the honor of John Cappelli, a former commissioner that represented the 6th Ward for many years in the 1970’s. Cappelli was an avid golfer and the Parks & Recreation Board felt it was appropriate to honor him in this way.

Features & Amenities

Cappelli Golf Range is a 22.5 acre driving range located next to Encke Park off of Iven Avenue. The large open green makes the site ideal for practicing your swing. The driving range is restricted to Radnor Township residents only. Please note that no wood shots are permitted and there is no hitting off of the green. Golf at your own risk and bring your own balls and clubs. This park also features an access ramp to the Radnor Trail near the Radnor-Chester Road entrance. Off-street parking is available along Iven Avenue.

Additional Information

Acres: 22.5 
GPS Coordinates:
40 02.294N 
075 22.191W