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Radnor Memorial Park


Turf Field Usuage Policies (PDF)


  1. Artificial Turf Playing Field
  2. Athletic Field
  3. Parking
  4. Restrooms
  5. Walking Track
  6. Water


A large part of Radnor Memorial Park was granted to the Township by the Sun Corporation in the early 2000’s. Another part of the site was conveyed as part of a tri-party agreement associated with what is now Radnor Elementary School. This part was used by Sun Corporation as a helicopter landing pad. The land was converted into a multipurpose playing field that opened in 2002. Ever since, the park has been a key site for a number of recreational activities. The park was named as a way to memorialize players, coaches, and administrators of youth athletic programs in Radnor Township who died while still active participants in youth sports. In 2012, through an agreement with The Agnes Irwin School, an artificial turf playing surface was installed at the park and later followed by the installation of lights. Installed by FieldTurf, the field is lined for many different sports and adds another dimension to the park allowing for almost year round use of the field. Groups and sports teams are eligible to use the field by submitting a usage request form to the Recreation Department. Rental fees do apply. When not in use by permitted groups, the field is open for public usage from dawn to dusk.

Features & Amenities
Radnor Memorial Park is located off of Matsonford Road and King of Prussia Road, near Archbishop John Carroll High School and Radnor Elementary School. This 7 acre park features a large, multipurpose athletic field, fitness walking path, comfort station, and benches. The hiking path extends across an elevated footbridge that spans Matsonford Road to Radnor Elementary School and continues to Radnor Nature Park. 

Additional Information

Acres: 13.75
Ward: 2